My child is very active and his imaginary started before the age of two. He can use anything and pretend it to be something else. He is very much into fire trucks, excavators, ghosts and monsters. So his imaginary usually involves one of those things. He likes to pretend that a string is a fire extinguisher or a balloon is a monster. The other day he was at the playground and played with this boy. Probably a year older. They pretended a hole in the sand was a water hole and one of them was a fire man rescuing the other one from it. I must say my child started this game.

They say a child with a lot of phantasy is more intelligent than a child with less. I hope that is right. He does have a larger vocabulary than other kids his age. I like to think that he will eventually become someone who will change the world to the better. I hope he will use his outside the box thinking for a greater good. There are so many things I wish for him to accomplish, but none should matter more than for him being happy. Right? I hope he wont find happiness in killing people or being a bad person.

I foster his imaginary. Others don’t, like my mother. My child doesn’t have many toys and he actually prefers a wooden stick over a fire truck. When I see other kids playrooms they are usually filled with ton of toys. Those kids get a big toy every now and then. My kid only gets toys for Christmas and birthdays. I think that should be enough. Many kids are much happier with a lot less and they are able to let their phantasy run free. Yet, I still feel like a failure because I can’t afford so much. It is sometimes so hard for me when he sees a toy and I have to tell him “mommy can’t afford that.” However, once we leave the store he doesn’t even remember that he saw that one specific toy.


I hope he keeps his phantasy for a long time and stays in his child like many for many more years. He doesn’t need to grow up so fast and should enjoy his child hood. It is sad to see so many other kids all over the world who don’t even have the basic needs met. However, no mater how less someone has they are sometimes much happier and have a larger imaginary than children of rich parents. Phantasy is something you can’t put a price on it. If your child has a vivid imaginary foster that and go along with being who ever your child wants you to be. And maybe your get to save someone’s life in his little world of play and fun.

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