About us

Hi to everyone who found their way to this page, may it be through curiosity or because you might have read something I wrote. Well, here goes my quick introduction. We are a family of two that currently lives in northern Germany. I am neither a professional photographer nor a professional writer, but I am interested in both things. I used to live in America for many years and while I was there I have discovered that writing is a good way of expressing feelings and thoughts, especially when you can’t find the right words to say out loud. Even though I haven’t written anything in a long time I wanted to start again through making a blog and share our life with others.

Kids have always been part of my life and now I get to raise my own son, unfortunately on my own. Also, I am working in the field of psychology, so I will write a lot about parenting and single motherhood.


I always wanted kids, but I never thought that I will be a single mother. Single motherhood isn’t easy and you always have twice the work, but also get twice as much love back. My son means everything to me, even though if we have our daily struggles. I hope that my writing on this site and sharing our journey I can offer some help to other parents out there. Thank you to everyone following this great adventure.

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