45 Reasons why I let my child watch TV

Technically I don’t let my child watch TV since we don’t have one, but I let him watch shows on YouTube like “Peppa Pig,” “Fireman Sam,” all kinds of kids songs, something about excavators, garbage drugs, or anything more educationally. He doesn’t even watch anything for longer than maybe 10 minutes in a row before getting up and running around or doing something else. However, once he watches something he is really I might just get a chance to have 5 minutes of sanity in my day.

Here are my reasons for letting him watch TV:

  1. I want 5 more minutes in bed before getting up at 6.30 on a Sunday
  2. I need to make breakfast
  3. I need to eat breakfast
  4. I want to pee BY MYSELF
  5. I want 5 minutes to myself
  6. I need to wash the dishes in the sink (we don’t have a dishwasher)
  7. I need to shower
  8. I’m exhausted
  9. I’m tired
  10. I want 5 minutes to myself
  11. I have to make a phone call
  12. I need to find my keys
  13. I need to find my phone
  14. I have to find something I just saw one minute ago
  15. I need 5 minutes to myself
  16. I want to eat something
  17. He is annoying
  18. He is destroying the apartment
  19. I need 5 minutes to myself041
  20. I need to clean the bathroom
  21. I need to clean the kitchen
  22. I need to clean the living room
  23. I need 5 minutes to myself
  24. I need to clean his room
  25. I need to clean the bed room
  26. I need take out the trash
  27. I need to cook
  28. I need to make him a snack
  29. I need to make lunch/dinner
  30. I need to clean the floor
  31. I need 5 minutes to myself
  32. I need to find his favorite toy
  33. I need to put on some clothes
  34. I need to find him some clothes
  35. I need 5 minutes to myself
  36. I want to check facebook/instagram
  37. I need to check the weatherapp
  38. I need to find something to do today
  39. I need 5 minutes to myself
  40. I need to pick up his toys
  41. I need to do the laundry
  42. I need to put the laundry away
  43. He wants to listen to wheels on the bus for the 30st time
  44. I need to find his pj’s
  45. I need 5 minutes to myself


Woldlake in Bad Zwischenahn, Germany

Today, after I picked up my son I took him to the lake around the corner of his day care. We usually go there during the summer to take a swim in the lake. The Woldlake is a self made small lake surrounded by a few farms and wood lands. It was made in the 70’s when sand had to be taken out to create a new autobahn. There are about three wooden cabins used as a bathroom, a changing area, and a food store that is open from May until late August. The lake has a sandy area which is great during the summer because it feels like you are on the beach. It is also very shallow and ideal for small children. The rest is surrounded by trees and grassy areas. Also, on occasion a train goes which my son loves to watch.


Today I took my son there to go for a walk around the lake. It is not big and ideal for a walk around it. It was foggy all day today which gave the area a fascinating look. Since it isn’t summer anymore there weren’t many people. We only encountered two other people on our walk. My son called one other person a monster, because he is really into monsters right now, and another woman’s dog a sheep. It might have been the fog that got into his brain that day.


My son enjoyed playing next to the water and pretending to fish. He also loved to look at the trees as they are loosing their leaves, which I don’t think he fully understands why. It was also fun for him to look for spiders and other little crawlers. After we went around the lake we looked at the cows for awhile that were right next to the lake area.

There are a few farms in that area and right next to the parking lot is a field used for cows to grass. Today we saw a few young cows. They were all very interested and even came up to the fence. One of the cows was even so nice to let me touch it. They also seemed to be fascinated by my son and watched every move he made with enthusiasm. That day I kind of felt sorry for eating meat.


The Woldlake is a nice area for walks, exploring the surroundings, or go for a swim during the summer. However, during the summer time it is really crowded and there is no fog or colorful trees. It is also really peaceful to get out of the city and take a walk where you have the area almost to yourself and you get to say hi to some cool cows.