10 Benefits of Early Potty Training

Early potty training can be beneficial for you and your child. Especially when you are a single mother. Early potty training does not mean your child is potty trained earlier on. Your child will still be ready to let you know when he has to go and to hold his pee on his own time. Early potty training is only a way to teach your child early on about hygiene, how to use the bathroom, and where you actually do your business. Here are some benefits about early toilette training.

  • It saves money. Diapers and wipes are really expensive and cutting those cost short for six month to one year saves you a lot of money you can spend on something else.
  • You will have more options in finding a suitable day care. Many day care facilities require that your child should be potty trained by the age of three because day care providers don’t have the time to change diapers all day long. And your child will be more interactive with other children and feel more grown up if he doesn’t wear diapers anymore.
  • Your communication with your child gets better. This might sound strange, but after just two weeks of introducing him to the potty I was to 90% sure when he needed to go number two and if I managed in time (when we were at home) he would do it on his potty.
  • It is less messy. Once I learned the signs of my child when he needed to go number two I would put him on his potty and he would go. Now, a child who goes into the potty is less dirty. It took me one wipe and he was done. His mess would go into the toilet, then a quick wash and done. There was no getting all his mess of his bum and using several wipes. And if they are very active its even harder to clean them.
  • Your child gets less diaper rashes. If you are able to put your child on the potty in time for number two you will most likely only end up using one wipe and the less you wipe the less toxins get over your childs’ bum, limiting infections.
  • Your child will have less anxiety and show more maturity about toilet training. Going to the potty can be really stressful for a child that is older than one. A potty is in fact this strange thing they are suppose to sit on, naked. Introducing a child to the potty before the age of one can limit anxiety. Children younger than one (I started at 8 month when he was able to sit for along time without falling over) are really curious and they love to learn, so introducing them to the potty is not a big deal. They may look at it weird , but by the second or third day they are completely fine with it. Also, you never know what kind of child you will have. My kid turned out to be really active, and he probably would still be in diapers at age four if he didn’t learn the potty thing early on because he is very stubborn and wants to be in control of himself. I would have never been in control of him using the potty.
  • Less stress for you. A child that was introduced to the potty early one will be less stressed once you leave the diaper away. A child that is older and doesn’t want to use the potty is harder to train and it causes more anxiety. Which in turn will stress you out. Your child is trowing a tantrum and going through the terrible twos? That’s neither a good time for you or for your child to start training.


  • It fosters self control and self judgment. A child that is trained early on can control their bladder and bowel movement earlier. They are also more likely to judge themselves if and when they have to go.
  • You show them more respect. Teaching a child early on shows them that you give them more respect and don’t just leave them in their mess until you are in the mood for changing him. Why would you teach your child about about table manners and please and thank you, but not how to use the bathroom? Toilet training is just as important as other manners.
  • Less judgments from other parents. You know how judgmental people can be. Isn’t it nice to say that your child already uses the potty while others still struggle with all the messes of a not potty trained child.

Whatever you think is about when to start and what is best for you is your decision at the end. Just remember your child is a person on its own and should be treated with the same amount of respect that you want to be treated too.

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